Dear Kansas Polled Hereford Association Members,

On Feb. 18, 2009, the Kansas Polled Hereford Association (KPHA) Board of Directors voted to allow the KPHA and its activities to set dormant for three years at which time the association can once again become active or maintain its dormancy.  This conclusion was reached on the following reasoning:  1) It was discussed that two separate Hereford associations within our state was neither necessary nor economical.  A single Hereford association within Kansas would give our breed ONE strong voice.  2) Our national organization and several other states have developed single, unified organizations at each level.  3) The slow decline in membership has resulted in fewer and fewer attendees at KPHA functions. 

This does not mean the association is going to be dissolved at this time.  The association will merely be dormant to allow members the opportunity to either save some money during this time or potentially join the Kansas Hereford Association and begin a fellowship with new friends while maintaining relationships with existing friends.  If members feel in three years that the KPHA should be brought out of dormancy to serve a newer purpose, we may do so.  In the mean time, current money within our organization’s account will be kept separate and placed in an interest drawing account for future needs.  Those future needs could include reactivating KPHA, donations to the Kansas juniors, Poll-ettes, or other special events. 

If you have already sent in your 2009 annual dues, the check is being returned to you with this letter.  If you have not sent in your 2009 dues, please refrain from sending them at this time.  Members who were current as of December 31, 2008, will be regarded as voting members of the association during this three-year dormancy period.  Once the three years have passed, the association’s board of directors and members will reevaluate the association and the purpose.

We realize that this may create some heartache and disappointment; however we feel that this is the best direction for our association and our breed.  We have debated this issue for many years and this decision wasn’t easy or taken lightly.  We hope this will be an opportunity to expand our friendships and marketability.

If you have concerns or comments, the board would like to hear from you.  Please contact a board member or email us at


KPHA Board of Directors


Thanks for Attending the KPHA Tour

The 2008 Kansas Polled Hereford Association (KPHA) Tour was hosted in Western Kansas Aug. 30-31. Nearly 100 participants enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend looking at Hereford cattle.

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