2006 Officers & Directors

Darla Moore, President
10541 S. Cherokee Rd.
Modoc, KS 67863
(620) 872-5254


Dana Pieper, Secretary
400 DD Rd.
Palco, KS 67657
(785) 737-2830

Queen Program

2005-06 Kansas Polled Hereford Queen — Nicole Rosencutter

The Kansas Polled Hereford Queen is selected each December at the annual meeting. For information about the program contact any of the officers or directors.

Download information and application (PDF)


$10/year which includes National Poll-ette dues.


Boster, Marlene
Carver, Marie
Hottman, Ruby
Jensen, Stephanie
Koons, Eva Lou
Larson, Annette
Moore, Darla
Pieper, Dana


Reinhardt, Pat
Rowland, Sue
Schultz, Vera
Schumann, Gina
Silvers, Marlyn
Smith, Holly
Snavely, Lou Ann
Stump, Delores

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